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A San Diego Native
Meet Steve Miller

Born in San Diego to a family dedicated to protecting and serving our community. Followed in the family career as a criminal prosecutor. 

Trial Experience That Counts

Over 30 years of experience as a prosecutor, starting with writing briefs for the Attorney General Office in Los Angeles, then prosecuting criminal cases for the San Diego City Attorney’s Office.  Built a career preparing to be an independent jurist, having prosecuted cases ranging from drug smuggling, alien trafficking, mail fraud, gangs, money laundering, home invasions, bank robberies, and kidnapping. 

Prosecuted one of the largest counterfeit currency cases in this nation.  Shut down numerous mail theft rings, alien smuggling rings, drug smuggling rings, and identity theft rings. Prosecuted an individual who defrauded the American Red Cross by falsely claiming his wife had died in the World Trade Center attacks on September 11, 2001. Prosecuted a man who set fire to the Cleveland National Forest. Prosecuted the first interstate stalking case in our federal district.

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Return to Justice.

Each Judge is responsible for maintaining the public’s confidence. That confidence is built on the foundation of legal experience, rooted in extensive trial practice across a wide range of legal issues /cases.   Trial experience ranging from minor traffic tickets to homicide. 

Appellate Experience 

Has handled over 100 appeals while serving as a federal prosecutor, and was trial and appellate counsel in over a dozen published opinions. While serving as a federal prosecutor, he was appointed as Special Deputy Attorney,  prosecuting  violent recidivists in San Diego Superior Court.

Served as an instructor of Trial Advocacy in the National College of District Attorney’s, and authored a nationally published article on federal identity theft law. 


The essential foundation of the law is common sense.  A Judge must never forget each case involves real life events that affect real people.  No matter how large or small a case appears, the Judge should ensure each individual's rights are upheld and preserved as He follows the laws of the land.

A Judge must assure, our system of justice remains the best in the world. The public must leave the court knowing they were given a fair and impartial hearing, and most importantly, they were treated with respect.

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Steve Miller for Superior Court Judge

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