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The Four Freedoms

The guiding principles of my legal philosophy is to preserve and further Franklin D. Roosevelt's Four Freedoms

  • Freedom of Speech

    To assure every person before the court will be heard, instilling the confidence, that every case shall be fairly decided.

  • Freedom to Worship

    To assure every person can practice and declare their faith with the confidence, that their beliefs will be treated with respect.

  • Freedom from Want

    To assure every person has the opportunity for advancement and improvement, and any obstacles to those opportunities are fairly resolved.

  • Freedom from Fear

    To assure every victim will be protected, every litigant's individual rights preserved, and every effort is successful in making our community safe.

Independent Judge

A Judge must be independent in every decision, unbound by political pressures or ideology. Everyone deserves the fair and indpendent ruling of the court. An independent Judge for the independent voice.

Maintain The Balance Of Confidences

The trial court Judge must establish and maintain the balance of confidence; confidence that the public's safety will not be compromised, while maintaining the confidence that the individual's rights will be preserved.

Jury Trial Experience

Superior Court Judges are San Diego's trial court Judges. Significant jury trial experience is the essential foundation for a Judge's ability to issue fair and independent decisions.

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