January 27, 2020

Steve Miller For Superior Court Judge
January 27, 2020 at 8:00 AM
by Steve Miller For Judge
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Judges provide the keystone of our American system of justice. We count on them to interpret the law fairly and effectively.

From our judges, we expect mastery of the law, protection of the community, and fairness to all, including the most vulnerable among us.

As Superior Court Judge, I will strive to promote fairness and work to earn back the trust of San Diego in this vital public position.

Experience Counts

With over three decades of experience as a state and federal prosecutor, I understand the criminal justice system like few others. In my role as Assistant United States Attorney, I took a lead role in protecting our community and country from some of the worst malefactors.

These included violent drug smugglers, home invasion crews, alien smuggling operations, identity thieves, kidnappers, large-scale counterfeit operations, and a particularly devastating defendant who bilked the Red Cross of vital funds by fraudulently claiming status as a 9/11 victim.

Over thousands of prosecutions and appeals, I developed the kind of essential experience in the law that every judge needs at any level. After election, I will bring that experience to bear in serving this community from seat 22.

Restoring Community Confidence in the Bench

San Diego is a proud and hard-working community. Our retired and active duty military population especially understand the value of service and sacrifice.

The community requires elected officials who work as hard as its residents and more so. Only then can we work together to start earning back the community’s trust. Through dedicated service and fair implementation of the law, we will ensure that the Superior Court Bench reflects a true commitment to justice without fear or favor.

Substance From a Public Servant Instead of a Politician

As a public servant, I follow a set of principles over politics. Though that phrase has grown clichéd in some circles, it still guides my sense of justice and purpose.

I base my personal principles on the Four Freedoms so well articulated by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He asserted that each individual deserved freedom of speech, freedom to worship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear.

Those values guided every move I made as a prosecutor and as a legal professional. They will continue to guide my oversight of cases as a Superior Court Judge.

Also, every judge must bring fairness, impartiality, and independence to each case, along with extensive experience and sound judgement.

But a judge must not leave common sense at the door to the courthouse. The law has both a letter and a spirit. We must never lose our decency and sound judgement in cases where a little mercy might give a better result than strict application of punitive measures.

Please Get In Touch

I invite you to check out my “Return to Justice” campaign page. It lays out in more detail my ideals, values, and promises that I will bring to the bench as your judge.

On this page, you can let me know what you expect from me as a candidate and in the future as your judge. Those interested can also sign up to receive yard signs, help with my campaign by door knocking, or make contributions to it.

My pledge to San Diego is to apply my values and experience in the service of restoring their confidence in our judicial system.

Thank you for considering me as your candidate of choice.